The Crafter’s secret. Vol. 4



Nine international floral designers from different countries worked on this 4th edition. Their work, exclusively made for the FLOOS platform 2018/2019, is a testament to their professionalism and inventiveness.

The designers were asked to work creatively, in a cutting-edge and progressive way, and with an eye for detail.  The result is a 300 page thick workbook with the latest trends, techniques and designs, but also with countless tips from the masters themselves.

The following people worked on this edition: Miguel Angel Delgado (S), Rudy Casati (I), Natalia Zhizhko (R), Alex Segura (S), Domique Herold (G), Max Hurtaud (Fr), Stefan Van Berlo (B), Jürgen Herold (G) and Carles J. Fontanillas (S). They represent a beautiful cultural diversity that is reflected in the projects.

Additional information

Weight 1.772 kg
Dimensions 30 × 24 cm

Carles J. Fontanillas, Floos




English, French, Spanish


272, paperback


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