With Sublimées, the French floral artist Hélène Supion pays tribute to the versatility of women. She does this with beautiful floral hairstyles. For two years, she worked with a hairdresser, a makeup artist and a photographer to obtain the best possible look. This resulted in 47 unique portraits of ladies with dazzling floral hairstyles. From romantic to rock ‘n’ roll, from exotic to punk.

“I wanted to make as many styles as possible. This makes for a discovery on every page. There are easy and sophisticated hairstyles, but also lush and sober floral creations. All 47 creations took the specific characteristics of the model into account, the length of their hair, its thickness or its fineness. All the models are either family members, girlfriends or girlfriends of girlfriends. All the flowers you see are fresh.”

Hélène has been a floral artist for many years; currently she works in a collective with two colleagues in a studio in Angers, near Nantes (France). She mainly does bridal work on commission. Jean-Yves Bardin was the photographer. Hélène’s former internship supervisor Moniek Vanden Berghe wrote the foreword.

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Hélène Supion


Jean-Yevs Bardin


Création végétale Hélène Supion




128, hardcover


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