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International Floral Art 2021-2022



International Floral Art is a bi-annual anthology of the fantastic and inexhaustible possibilities of working with flowers. It is a state of the art collection of floral art and at the same time it is an ode to the colourful diversity of nature and a celebration of human creativity and inventiveness. Each edition of International Floral Art is a cross-sectional look at the floral world: it is a synopsis of both up-and-coming and well-established designers. The 2021–2022 edition is another must-have and proves right away that COVID-19 was no match for creativity!

It is not a practical manual with step-by-step instructions, nor a themed book or a monograph of a particular floral artist. It is a depiction of very personal creations, phenomenally portrayed and most of them not commissioned. Add to this the international context, where people within the same discipline experience an identical universal floral language and you get a very exciting platform.

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