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Le retour aux sources et la passion originelle du métier, voilà les points de départ de Marcel van Dijk et de son équipe lors de la conception de leur exposition durant la Floriade 2012. Durant six mois, les visiteurs de greenEmotion ont pu profiter de l’effet enrichissant des fleurs, des bulbes et des plantes sur notre lieu de vie. Le tout divisé en quatre magnifiques mondes stylés: classique, moderne, tendance et extrême. Un livre rempli d’inspiration verte et un souvenir inoubliable de la Floriade 2012.


GreenEmotion: green experience and green movement, and Back to the roots; a return to the roots of the craft, were the starting points Marcel van Dijk and his team had in mind for the design of the indoor flower exhibition at the 2012 Floriade in Venlo, the world’s largest horticultural exhibition.

For six months, visitors were able to enjoy the richness of flowers, bulbs and plants in a real-life habitat and in four different style worlds: Classic, Modern, Trendy and Extreme. GreenEmotion presented plants and flowers as interior elements, as translators of emotions, as products to bring atmosphere to our homes and happiness to our lives. This album is a collection of the many hightlights of the exhibition: the most unforgettable designs on the mobile platforms, the astonishing bridal bouquets, the renewing funeral and Christmas arrangements of Team Oogenlust… and many more memorable moments. A book jam-packed with great ideas, green experiences and inspiration and an indispensable memory of this special event

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Marcel van Dijk- Anouk van Dijk








Mari?lle Leenders


24 x 24 cm- HC


Dutch Floristry at the Floriade


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