Floral Party Table Decorations



“Celebrations and dinners with friends and family are excellent opportunities to show off the culinary god(dess) in you. But wowing your guests doesn?t have to end with what comes on the plates. A festive decoration of the party table, the home interior, garden, front door,… all add up to a joyful ambiance. Therefore anyone hosting a party better has some decoration tricks ready up their sleeve. Nowadays, a nice table setting goes well beyond that one showy silver candlestick or that pompous white floral centerpiece. Florist Gudrun Cottenier shows how it?s done, with style and ease. Her tips will guide you to the floral tablescapes of your dreams – without too much effort, costs or sleepless nights. Gudrun Cottenier favours materials that won?t cost you an arm and a leg, but can simply be gathered in the garden or in nature. Unpretentious materials that can be transformed in a unique eye catcher without too much hassle. A minimum of effort, but with a maximum effect. This book presents a variety of tables, in a multitude of styles and colours. From minimalist and natural Scandinavian to casual and romantic. Stylish white or bold and colourful. Smaller matching accents and complementing arrangements around the house make for a picture perfect whole.”

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Gudrun Cottenier






Isabelle Persyn


23, 5 cm – HC, 5 cm x 23


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