Floral ephemerality by Pascal Phaner


Floral structures that facilitate and simplify an artistic flourishing in all seasons

  • > with natural structures
  • > the density of materials
  • > the integration of movement

By Pascal Phaner – Meilleur Ouvrier de France


Pascal Phaner shapes the ephemeral and the ephemeral shapes him. He draws his inspiration from various fields, and through plants, he tells stories to initiate a floral journey where each element responds to another via color, texture, shape, etc .

This book is a different way to transmit his experience and his passion for floral art. He shares his research, his creations, and supports realizations that sublimate the flower and the plants. You will find here a work of threads, strings, ropes, felts, wools, ties, and various fibers that he uses to create structures which allow for natural  floral arrangements in all seasons.

This is what ephemerality is all about, linking the ephemeral to the timeless. 

In this book, I associated floral art with sketches and poems where everyone, according to their desires, will pick a technique a style, or simply the “soul” of my work that I hope to instill. ” Pascal Phaner

Pascal Phaner, Meilleur ouvrier de France,  has been shaping the ephemeral since 1982. He is florist, designer, floral art instructor, decorator, scenographer, demonstrator,…  He innovates in technique, creativity, and performance.


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Pascal Phaner


English, French




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