Fleur Créatif – Summer 2020 [digital]



Flowers make your day!

Business as usual has been cancelled. That also applies to Fleur Créatif. The production of the magazine took a bit longer than usual and it became a digital summer issue instead of a printed edition. But there’s one thing everyone can agree on: Flowers make your day! They provide colour in our environment and thus bring a positive note!

Get inspired by a compilation of summery floral creations from the last 10 years Fleur Créatif completed with new floral designs. You will be amazed how contemporary and trendy these creations are.

In this issue we get to work on six flower themes:

❀ Refreshing orange
❀ Heavenly blue
❀ Brilliant white
❀ Playing with grasses
❀ Sunny reception with flowers
❀ Gerbera in the spotlight

This beautiful issue brings floral arrangements of: Ann Desmet • Annick Van Wesemael • Charline Bernard • Constantin Huart •  Dieter Vercoutere •  Fleur Dewaelsche •  Geert Pattyn •  Herman Van Dionant •  Ivan Poelman •  Jan Deridder •  Jo Dieraert • Katia Gilmet •  Melanie Mertens •  Moniek Vanden Berghe •  Philippe Bas •  Rita Van Gansbeke • Rob Plattel • Stefan Van Berlo • Stijn Cuvelier •  Tom Degroote

Let’s get inspired and enjoy everything that nature offers us!

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The 4 seasons by Fleur Créatif, summer 2020. Edition 3.


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