Fleur Créatif – Special Springtime 2020 – Fleur Créatif @ Home



Our Fleur@Home floral artists are busy bees. They have their own shops or studios and attend home interior fairs and flower events. They have close contact with flower wholesalers and know lots of growers. They know what’s going on in the industry. They live and breathe flowers!

They are perfectly positioned to inform us about the latest trends. The colour of spring is light with delicate and fresh flowers. The typical spring flowers have pastel shades. You’ll fall in love with the selection!

Summer is bright and glows with warm colours. We discover lots of fields full of garden flowers that create a very natural atmosphere. The fantastic garden scenes make us long for those sunny days.

This edition will inspire you to organise floral parties in the spring and summer of 2020 and also be fully informed about the latest trends!

Team Fleur@Home Springtime 2020: Annick Mertens, Charlotte Bartholomé, Joris De Kegel, Martine Meeuwssen, Arnauld Delheille and Chantal Post

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Special edition 'Fleur Créatif @ Home', springtime 2020






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