Fleur Créatif @ Home – Special Springtime 2021 [digital]


This special springtime brings a range of ideas and great tips!

> 70 joyful ideas for spring and summer
> Step by step tips & tricks to get started yourself
> 130 pages full of floral inspiration

Order the digital Fleur Créatif Magazine and read your favourite magazine online at www.fleurcreatif.com on your computer or tablet.

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The new DIGITAL Fleur Cré[email protected] Special Springtime 2021 is out now! In this issue our [email protected] floral artist have created lots of fun spring and summer must-have designs. If you are creative and have a green thumb, you can get started right away, but even if you just want to quickly transform your interior with some flowers, you will love the suggestions in this issue.

In this issue you will find: 

❀ A romantic spring with beautiful buttercups, special daffodils and spring blossoms in pastel hues.
❀ Creative designs with clay, wool, black floral foam and stub wire as a connecting and construction material.
❀ Beautiful floral arrangements with exotic flowers and materials such as special orchids, Proteas, Tillandsias and Bromeliads.
❀ Summersweet flower creations with bright colours that evoke the atmosphere of Provence.
❀ Unique designs with flowers from the garden, in the Pantone trend colour yellow and all the shades that complement this colour.
❀ Colourful flowers incorporated into summery arrangements to brighten up a gloomy day.

With a total of 70 floral creations for spring and summer!

This spring edition brings floral arrangements of: Charlotte Bartholomé • Martine Meeuwssen • Sören Van Laer •  Joris De Kegel •  Annick Mertens

Have a look in the magazine:

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Have fun reading!

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Special edition 'Fleur Cré[email protected]', spring 2021






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