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Double Face


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Two faces, one formula. The authors, Charline Pritscaloff (Orléans) and Hervé Frezal (Beaulieu-sur-Mer), are like yin and yang: fire and water, and yet… complementary.

The cover of ‘Double Face’ immediately sets the tone. Two opposite, but complementary worlds are united in this inspirational book. The French revelations in floral art joined their forces and set up a strong design that ‘despite our different styles forms a beautiful and coherent whole’, said Charline Pritscaloff. The two winners of the 2011 ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ honorary title in the category ‘Floral Design’ stayed in touch and committed themselves to setting up a project together ‘one day or another’, ‘when occasion arises’. ‘We started as competitors and now we are friends’, said Charline. ‘We wanted to create something together, to work together. We also wanted to show the world what we were capable of. And so we came to the idea of having a book published’. Five years later, their dream came true with the publication of ‘Double Face’.

In ‘Double Face’ Charline Pritscaloff and Hervé Frezal show their worlds, their personalities, their sensitivities and specificities, but primarily also their love for the profession and their common passion for flowers. Two visions, at first sight perfect opposites, are combined into a single volume. The works of Charline Pritscaloff – feminine, round, generous and exuberant – face compositions of Hervé Frezal, who just excel in purity, minimalism and understated lines. The result is an exciting comparison and understanding that beauty is actually a plural form.

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Charline Pritscaloff & Herv? Frezal – France


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33 x 24.5 cm, HC


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